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A Month Later:

“Hi Fran
A month gone by now and Could not be Happier I have not given cigarettes a second thought Fran it’s truly amazing and I’ll be more then Happy to put a very positive comment on Irish Hypnotherapy Tallaght I just wanted to be sure the positive feeling would last . I’ll say again best €250 I’ve ever spent thanks again Pal .”

Dave, Tallaght

Fear of Flying:

“I had 2 sessions with Fran for my fear of flying. I’m just back after my long haul trip and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. I had 0 anxiety on any of my flights and actually enjoyed flying for the 1st time in years. I couldn’t believe the difference. Thanks so much Fran.. would highly recommend you.”

Linda Doyle Daly

New Non-Smoker

“The best thing I’ve ever done , I’m now a very happy non smoker , I’d highly recommend Fran and his clinic , a lovely relaxed friendly environment , I felt a bit lost the next day and agitated so I gave Fran a call he made me feel at ease straight away , I’ve more energy , sleeping better , finally feel in control of my life again , thanks to Fran and hypnosis.”

Ann-marie Elston

“It’s not “talk to Joe” it’s talk to Fran! He’s great and I’m on top of the world Well worth a call, do it now!”

Markie Dunne

“I would highly recommend a visit to Fran what ever the situation…
Instant success.
Very happy I discovered hypnosis.”

Cheryl Naughton

New Non-Smoker

“Fran I cannot THANK YOU enough , you have made such a wonderful change in my life .I was able to stop smoking with your fantastic professional guidence and care .Iwas a very heavy smoker for more years then I care to remember and now after four months smoke free , I am feeling so much healthier so BIG THANK YOU MAEVE”

Maeve Litton

New Non-Smoker

“I went to see Fran on the 5th of April 2016 and I was very apprehensive. I spoke to loads of people who tried and failed hypnosis. I had a mission to get to my holidays in June half way through the holidays and I still feel great I can do more walk more and I am more fit. Still now even after a few months the smell of cigarette smoke makes me feel ill. Fran is an absolute Gentleman and I cannot recommend him enough. I am now a happy healthier Non Smoker.”

Michelle Jane O’Brien

“I went with a bit of trepidation but what an amazing experience. It’s changed my life for the better ..big thank you to Fran”

Rota Kavanagh

“highly recommend Mr Malone 

I went last Thursday for hypnosis and it was amazing… I feel brilliant and each day even more better better and stronger. thank you so much.”

Aisling Saul

This poem below as written by Client:

“Feeling trapped and alone like theirs no way out, 

id have screaming in my head bu no words come out my mouth, 

A constant battle with another voice inside my head,

Amagin wakin up in the morning and wishing you were dead, 

One voice would tell you dont be silly you have a son, k

But the other says he wont even notice if ur gone, 

trebbling hands closed up throat, would it feel any different if I was tied around a rope, 

Amaginary things keep happening to me, my throat is closing up is dis reality,

 I just wanna be rid of dis fear and free from pain

And go back to a time were I was happy and sane,

I got up one day and decided to get help,

Any time I go the docs I get de same drug of the shelf

The drugs have done nothing only coverd up my pain,

When I come of them im back to square one again,

Im sick of getting prescription after prescription,

See Looking after mental health isnt a priority in our stytem.

De days in de dail with mental health congregations, 

you see nothing but empty seats and hear no explanations, 

If you want something done you do it your self, be your own drug and keep the other on the shelf

So I got up one day and desided to get help,

The next road I was on was starting hypnotherapy, hoping to god this wil finally set me free

The first day I walk in I was shakin and sturred,

But when I walked out that door I felt as light as a bird,

I countined on my sessions im on my last one,

And for once in my life i feel it has begun,

No more letting the past get into the presence of my futor,

No more letting my mind be my constant abuser,

No more being afraid to live my life ingeneral,

Or day dreaming about what way I wanna have my funeral, 

Dese past few weeks have helped me alot,

I really wanna live my life and give it all I got,

Made me realize that life is way to short,

For being misreble or being unhappy of any sort,

they say our subconscious mind is only are protecter,

Dnt let it play you as cast member sack it from being your directer,

do it as I did get rid of the medication,

Hypnotherapy changed my life so I gave it my dedication, 

I went from 0 to 90 in a couple of weeks,

For once in my life I hear my positive tots speak

I can feel the positivity from my head my toe,

when I never tot that side of me would ever show,

I was ready to give up I didnt think it would get better ,

But now im waking up feeling lighter den a feather, 

Your de only person that can save you from your suffering,

Stop playing pause on your life and leaving it buffering,

We’re not here for a long time so try make your time good, 

With a click of a finger we could be sent up above, 

Rather your anxious depressed or suicidal, stop dwelling on your mistakes we all make dem have u never red de bible, 

We need to start forgiving our selfs and being free spirits, 

I hope you all take in something from what im saying in dese lyrics,

 even if some of you dont I understand,

but der ain’t Nothing wrong with needing a helping hand, 

You gotta do it for your self coz no1 can do it for you,

But theirs help out their so believe in what you can do.”

Ann Kyle


New Non-Smoker

“I don’t know how he done it, after 15 years of being a smoker and trying every method under the sun to quit I never lasted longer than a day, after a session with fran I am now 6 days smoke free and still”

Jessica Adamson

Fantastic experience and great results…. thank you Fran – you are a true professional.

Louis Ryan


My college exams were looming and I was dreading the whole process ahead. Although I had studied well and was confident in my knowledge, the thought of actually sitting the examinations terrified me.

I knew I had to seek out help in some shape or form to help get me through my exams. I began researching possible solutions for this and a friend recommended Fran From Irish Hypnotherapy. I had nothing to lose and rang to make an appointment. I attended for the consultation to the clinic two years ago and at the time I was filled with anxiety and stress, I needed the support to help me cope with the worry of my college exams, which were imminent.

After that first meeting with Fran I realised that he could help me overcome my fears. I began the process that day and Fran proved to be a very positive and competent hypnotherapist. This was a worthwhile experience for me. I felt amazing even after the first therapy and was happy to complete the course of hypnosis as prescribed for my particular situation. I was surprised to realise that my stress levels and anxieties were reducing with each therapy session.

Exam time came around all too quickly and I was happy and looking forward to sitting them in a calm and confident manner, which I did without issue and was delighted to pass the exams with ease and peace of mind.

The following year my next set of exams were approaching and I felt the stress rising a little but nothing like it was before, so I contacted the clinic again seeking the same support which had been so successful for me. I was very happy with my work on the day and even more happy with my successful results, I had given myself every opportunity to succeed.

As with many people studying for something they wish to excel in, my stress levels heightened when exam time loomed. In the past the stress caused me to go to pieces on the days of exams, experiencing a mental block when it came to answering exam questions. Experiencing sweating and nervousness, dry mouth, not being able to concentrate, not a good feeling to experience.

But to have attended hypnotherapy which took these feelings and stresses away helped me prove to myself and my tutors that I had done the work and I had the answers.

I can’t thank Fran enough for his support and professionalism.

I would recommend clinical hypnotherapy for those out there suffering and looking for answers and more importantly results.

Barbara A.

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